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I'm Quazi, an indie game developer with a mechanical engineering degree. You may know me as one of the creators of the game "TowerClimb". This is my website, yes, it intentionally has a Web 1.0 aesthetic. i'm a skeleton Gotta have a cheesy gif on the homepage, right? Anyway I'm hoping to slowly add various interactive demos, cool math/physics visualizations, artistic toys, and summaries of little things I've learned over the years to this site. This is meant to be a place to display some of my coding experiments and jot down bits of knowledge in an informal way. Enjoy!

The site may look Web 1.0, but I'm going to be using lots of Web 3.0 features. Make sure you have a modern browser!

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DReCon, research I worked on concerning physics and RL, published at SIGGRAPH Asia.
real-time wave tracing, interactive simulation of light at wavelength scale.
verlet physics, interactive 3D physics using verlet integration and projection to solve constraints.
orbital mechanics, basics of orbital mechanics.
3x3 matrix visualization, visualization of matrix transforming unit cube/ standard basis.
2x2 jacobi algorithm, basics of jacobi algorithm for real symmetric 2x2 matrix diagonalization with a little interactive example.
3x3 jacobi algorithm, interactive example of jacobi algorithm for diagonalizing real symmetric 3x3 matrices.
dreaming of a dog, visualization of a convolutional autoencoder overfitting to a single image.



Useful Links

Twitter, my twitter page.
TowerClimb, Steam page for the roguelike platformer made by my brother and I.
GameJolt, my GameJolt page with some of my past games.
Shadertoy, my Shadertoy page with some interesting things to look at.
Davioware, link to my brother's website.
GameJolt, link to my brother's gamejolt page.

Cool Websites

Inigo Quilez, awesome source of information on demoscene and CG programming.
Matthias Wandel, an awesome woodworker / tinkerer, check out his youtube channel too!
Daniel Holden, machine learning and graphics programming tricks.
Dennis Gustafsson, great posts about graphics and physics topics.
Karl Sims, some very cool programming / math experiments.
three.js, a great WebGL javascript library, used extensively on this site.
ulillillia, an interesting read.
Wikipedia, good for finding info on anything (bet you didn't know about this).
The Book of Shaders, cool shader tricks
3D-CT of Deep Sea Creatures, cool dataset
human/animal CT datasets, cool dataset